Air- Conditioning

  1. Residential
  • Midwall Split units
  • Small Cassette units
  • Small Ducted split units


  1. Commercial
  • Midwall Split units
  • Cassette units(boardrooms, executive offices)
  • Ducted Split units
  • Under-Ceiling Split units(strong rooms, server room, large open areas)
  • Multi Split units(Samsung DVM, LG Multi V, Daikin VRV
  • Down Blowing units for network rooms


  • Kitchen Extraction
  • Toilet Extraction
  • Fresh Air supply
  • Dust Extraction
  • Spray Booths


  • Walk in fridges for high end residential properties
  • Cold Rooms
  • Freezer Rooms
  • The above are all turnkey projects

Heat Pumps

  • Domestic geyser heat pumps (existing vessel required)
  • Domestic fully integrated heat pumps (no vessel required)
  • Swimming pool heat pumps

Maintenance, Repairs, Services

  • We are qualified to service, and repair all makes of air-conditioning units and heat pumps.
  • We offer maintenance agreements to all major companies and individuals to ensure that warranties stay in place on all new air-conditioning units supplied. We also offer this to companies who would like to have an SLA in place.

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