What size unit is required for my requirements.

  1. This is determined by various factors e.g. by the amount of windows in the room, whether it is north facing or not, the kind of roof structure, whether the ceiling void is insulated or not. All of this is taken in consideration plus the size of the area (length x width). This is then multiplied by the amount of Btu’s (British Thermal Units ), which will then give us the correct size of the unit.
  2. Below is a quick reference of all the sizes of the normal split units and the areas that it can effectively cool or heat.
  • 9000 Btu- 15 to 18 squares
  • 12000 Btu – 18 to 22 squares
  • 18000 Btu – 22 to 32 squares
  • 24000 Btu – 32 to 42 squares

Are the units both heating and cooling.

  1. Yes, all the new units on the markets are both heating and cooling, therefore when you purchase an air-conditioning unit to keep you comfortable in summer it also works as a heating device in winter. Compare to conventional ways of heating (electric/gas heaters) an air-conditioning unit is still the most cost effective way to do this. Not only will it safe you on cost especially when you purchase an Inverter unit, but it is also the most comfortable means of heating because it is regulated by a temperature controller.

What is Inverter technology.

  1. Inverter units are the pinnacle of energy efficiency due to their innovative operation. An Inverter unit’scompressor never switch off compare to your non inverter units, it merely runs faster or slower depending on the amount of cooling/heating required at the time.
  2. Compare to a traditional air-conditioning unit, which switches off the compressor when it reached temperature and re-start when either cooling/ heating is required, your Inverter unitmerely slows down the compressor and fan which then result in a cost saving. No more lights flickering when the compressor starts up.

Advantages of Inverter units.

  1. More cost effective – uses up to 40% less electricity than a conventional air-conditioner.
  2. More comfortable- maintain desired temperature with quiet operation.
  3. Powerful – With the wide range for quick cooling and heating .

Utilising R410A gas, Inverter air-conditioning units are very environmentally friendly as well as being extremely economical to operate.

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